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The calm before the storm

23 February 2010

We seem to have ended up in a sort of calm.

Following the hive of activity during the autumn, the project seems to have entered a slow period. Only, I know that it’s the calm before the storm. For instance, in the last few weeks we have met with our technical team more frequently than before, because the analysis has reached a critical stage whereby we are hoping to be able to test the modelling and mark up one of our law texts, together with its transcription, translation, commentary and, of course, its manuscript images. We have also been thinking about how we will display the bibliography on the website and how we can enable students and scholars to search it.

In addition, we have completed the scanning of the works by Liebermann and Stubbs and, we have started to make plans for the next workshop, which will take place later this year in the U.S. For my part, I have been busy thinking about how to create a database that can keep track of all the editors of the lawcodes and the authors of the contextual essays. Having spent three days trying to create something that would do this efficiently, I was then dismayed to find that when I switched on my computer last Thursday, the database wouldn’t work because something had gone horribly wrong with Word and Access after a system update!

However, talking about editors brings me neatly to my final point. Early English Laws is offering 20 bursaries worth £2,000 each to assist scholars in the preparation of editions of early English legal texts for publication as part of this AHRC-funded project. Eligible expenses include travel, accommodation, and reproduction and permission fees. Guidelines for proposals, together with a list of possible texts, are available on this website. If you have any enquiries about the bursaries or the project, you can contact me on jenny.benham [at]